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Geotechnical Services

As a part of our Geotechnical services, we at Abhay Ocean provide comprehensive survey and geotechnical services to both offshore and onshore industry to support every stage of the development of construction facilities.

ABHAY OCEAN’S Geotechnical Surveys services support every stage in the development of both onshore, offshore and near shore facilities. These include geophysical and geotechnical investigations to provide the information required by engineers designing offshore platforms, pipelines and cables, and to support dredging, reclamation and other near shore civil works.

Shallow seismic records are interpreted by our geophysicists to understand complex seabed geology and sonar records are used to map seabed features that have been identified and located during the survey.

Our geotechnical engineers examine soil samples recovered from drilling operations to calculate soil strength and perform foundation engineering studies required by the engineers and designers of both onshore and offshore structures / constructions.

We also provide precise positioning services during construction, rig moves and dredging projects, and to assist with vessel positioning, seismic programmes and ROV or diver positioning.

The geophysical information gathered is required prior to the design and installation of subsea pipelines and offshore structures. Hydrographic surveys are carried out to chart the seafloor and used for navigation or engineering, design purposes and volume calculation for dredging activities.

We provide the following services for:

  • Pipeline and cable route surveys
  • Rig and platform site surveys
  • High resolution seismic surveys
  • Large scale mapping / hazard surveys
  • Nearshore geophysical and bathymetric surveys