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Subsea Engineering

Abhay Ocean Pvt. Ltd is a leading Provider of Underwater Services to Oil & Gas and construction industries.

Abhay Ocean offers a variety of Subsea Engineering services that compliment our professional business areas. Services include construction monitoring, commercial diving and surveying. Abhay Ocean has been catering to a host of Shipping, Offshore, Semi-Government & Government undertakings.

"Abhay Ocean Pvt Ltd has the unique distinction of Managing and Operating DP MSV,S and DSV's for ONGC and in oilfield Inspection Maintenance and Repairs of Platforms, Pipelines, SBM's and other oilfield structures"

Abhay Ocean offers a wide variety of technical services that compliment our professional business areas. These services include construction monitoring, commercial diving, and surveying. We maintain a dedicated staff and company-owned equipment in each of these areas to provide you with a full service approach.

Our professional staff is dedicated to our technical services as evidenced by the management structure of each area. A professional engineer who is ultimately responsible for the performance of that area manages each technical service area. The managers all have direct experience in the service area that they are responsible for. This experience is invaluable when discussing the capabilities and methodologies with you and your specific project.

Comprehensive planning requires identification of program objectives, an inventory of available resources, an analysis of potential options and possible impacts, development of a strategic plan including short-term and long-term goals, and periodic review to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. The experience and technical diversity of our staff allow us to respond to a multitude of planning and management situations, including environmental planning and financial management. Abhay Ocean’s experienced professionals are commited to providing you with the information, recommendations, and resources that you need to make proactive, effective decisions and policies.

Abhay Ocean is committed to aiding organisation in achieving savings and implementing quality projects. Abhay Ocean can also provide with assistance in obtaining various projects, managing projects effectively.