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Abhay Ocean India Private Limited provides customized offshore survey services to clients worldwide.

What sets us apart is our collaborative approach to solving our clients’ complex challenges. Our professionals deliver precision measurements, and just as important, we deliver vital strategic information and regional expertise that help clients make critical, highly informed decisions.

To that end, as our clients’ activities expand to frontier regions of promise, we stand ever ready to extend our operational reach as well.

Oceanographic Data

Abhay Ocean measures a range of oceanographic and meteorological parameters, all of which are important both for design and operational purposes. Oceanographic measurements are made in water depths ranging from coastal areas to full ocean depth. Meteorological measurements are made both onshore and offshore either as stand-alone systems or offshore as part of metocean buoys.


Abhay Ocean offers a complete range of hydrographic survey services, including desktop studies (DTS), topographic landing surveys, shallow-water (including diver swim) surveys, IHO bathymetry, pre- and post-dredge, submarine cable and pipeline route surveys, covering the whole route from landing site, near shore to full ocean depths.


Abhay Ocean is ready to provide customized geotechnical services to ISO, ASTM and NGI guidelines. Our track record includes successful projects.
We routinely utilize various overburden-sampling tools such as vibrocoring systems, piston corers, gravity corers and grab sampling units, as well as box samplers and ROV push-type corers.