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Human quest to conquer new frontiers – beyond terra firma has become a must in pursuit of energy, mineral resources, food and even space, exploiting the sea frontiers demands technology engineering skills backed by passion for excellence. The sea is a demanding taskmaster, richly rewards the knowledgeable and skilled, and cruelly punishes the ignorant and incapable.

AOIL – A young & Vigorous organization with core skills established in the field of Marine / Offshore construction services.

At AOIL, philosophy of the company is to achieve excellence through use of innovative technology entrepreneurial approach, assess the risk and device cost effective solution.

At AOIL, we prefer to lead from the front, not follow the crowd, A dedicated team of professionals from various discipline and chosen associates provide the base to pursue our Philosophy of excellence and self Reliance, and more important feasible measure of blending the “latest” with the “available”.

At AOIL through our strategic with Indian and International partners we have access to most modern and state of the art equipment, software and management practices to deliver ON TIME-ON COST.

At AOIL, vision, approach and our belief are, “Companies do not succeed. People Do & Doers succeed”. We are confident with some justification to live up to our building as future of Marine Offshore construction in India.


Abhay Ocean Incorporated as a marine support and construction services company, to provide benchmark quality performance to our valued customers based on innovative solutions, safety, environmental responsibility, dedicated professionals and modern efficient equipment, guided by godly principles

Abhay Ocean incorporated will continue to create added value for our customers, employees, share holders, and above all to the nation.